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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Thursday, December 13, $2001

Advertiser Christmas Fund
Mother of three wants job to keep family from being homeless again

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By Rod Ohira
Advertiser Staff Writer

Holding her infant daughter, "S.K." knows she's moving closer to Waimanalo Beach with each passing day. For her, going to the beach means she's homeless.

"My need is to get one job to provide for my family," said the 26-year-old single parent of three young children — ages 6, 4 and 10 months — who has been living with relatives since she lost her job in late September. Her unemployment is related, not to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but a domestic situation.

"I'm looking for something in data entry or construction," she said. "I have experience."

S.K. is collecting $66 a week in unemployment money, $200 monthly welfare assistance and $300 in food stamps per month. S.K. does not pay rent but is responsible to pay the utility bill for the residence where she and children are staying.

"After that, there's pretty much nothing left," S.K. said. "But as long as my kids get food and one roof over their head."

How to make a donation
 •  Checks made payable to The Advertiser Christmas Fund should be mailed to
    Helping Hands Hawai'i
    P.O. Box 19155
    Honolulu, HI 96817
 •  Donations may also be dropped off at any First Hawaiian Bank branch.
 •  Anyone wishing to donate goods instead of money can do so at the Community Clearinghouse at 2100 N. Nimitz Highway near Pu'uhale Street. For details, call 536-7234.
S.K. and her children were recently homeless, spending a couple of nights at Waimanalo Beach.

"Back in the 1980s, my family lived at Nalo Beach for six months so it wasn't the first time for me," she said. "We survived. But I don't want to go back there.

"My situation now is the worst of my life. I can't get my kids nothing for Christmas. I feel like I failed them because I cannot provide for them. If it wasn't for my kids, I wouldn't care about anything. I wouldn't have hope, and I'd be drugging like everybody else."

But S.K. doesn't do drugs. And she does have hope.

"I pray because I know the Man Above would never make me go through this and not make me come out OK," she said.

Anyone who may have a job for S.K. can call Helping Hands Hawai'i at 536-7234.

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Recent donations

Mike and Nancy Fisch $1,000
In memory of Grandpa Ikenaga $25
In memory of Ricardo T. Murakami $25
In memory of David Garliepp and Billy Gibson Garliepp $25
In memory of Ricardo F. Mata $30
In memory of Vivian Minamoto $50
In memory of Herbert H. Hee $50
In memory of Reynold Y.S. Leong $100
In memory of Tracy Au $250
Jane T. Niitsuma $20
Itsuko Sueoka $25
Daniel C. Garcia $25
Alfred Aneuber $25
Colby L.Y.Y. Chun $25
Donald Alvin Corbin $25
Virginia Tellas $25
Yukichi Teruya $25
George H. Oshiro $25
Alan H. Kawamoto $25
Collette L. Akana $25
Mary B. Marx $25
Frank and Lillian Lopes $25
Aileen T. Potter $30
Randolph J. Belanger $40
Mei Jean and Andrew Ching $50
Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club of Hawaii $50
Kryss, Matthew and Timothy $50
Roy and Jeanette $50
Sylvia Y. Brown $50
Henry T. Yamane $50
Eric and Mark Fukui $50
Michelle Y. Ko $50
Rosemary P. Mild $50
Clara K. Ogawa $50
Mary H. Le Monnier $50
Nyssa and Allegra Thompson $50
Maxx Mudd $100
Mozes Mudd $100
Steven S. Fukunaga dba Lawn-Tech $100
Nelson Kau Family $100
Alvin T. Sasaki $100
Robert H.C. Au $100
Eric N. Witt $100
Eleanor Hanakeawe $100
Judith P. Bredhoff $100
Marna Rae Wickham $100
Evelyn N. Tsuda $100
Kristy, Katy, Preston and Lauren $100
Pamela E. Towill $150
Christine and Roy Tabora $40
Kelly and Gary Reed $40
Patty and Wally Garcia $40
Susan and Rudy Gonzalez $40
Gail and Anthony Vanatta $40
Pamela Gassett $40
Tabora Studio $40
Walfrido Studio $40
Studio of Juno Galang $40
Anne and Rick Woods $40
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $250

Total $3,915
Total to date: $38,848.31

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