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The Honolulu Advertiser is providing continuing coverage of the events marking the 60th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

A National Park Service worker puts the finishing touches on a stage at the USS Arizona Memorial Museum in preparation for the 60th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Bruce Asato • The Honolulu Advertiser

Dec. 6, 2001
Praise the heroes, pass the thanks

Dec. 5, 2001
• Pearl Harbor survivors make quiet pilgrimage
• Journal captured turmoil of life
• Pearl Harbor events

Dec. 4, 2001
• Partner waited lifeteime for last dance
• Aging USS Arizona vets get rousing welcome
• ROTC squad's role after attack recalled

Nov. 27, 2001
• Rotarians collect tales from Dec. 7
• Drama paints vivid picture of people changed forever

Nov. 23, 2001
• Survivor revisits Pearl Harbor
• Audio clip of Claude Ortiz recalling the first frightening minutes of the Japanese attack

Nov. 18, 2001
• Pearl Harbor events draw tight security

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