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Memories of the morning of Dec. 7, 1941 remain indelibly in the minds of survivors and witnesses of the Pearl Harbor attack. See and hear some of them tell their stories:

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Pearl Harbor: From infamy to history
Our future was shaped and irrevocably changed by the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 60 years ago. A look at the events that touched countless lives.

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Ramsay S. Hishinuma, a teen in 1941 who witnessed the bombing from 'Ewa Beach (2.9 mb)

Nettie Duarte, a Waikiki resident who remembers the terror of her neighbors (1.4 mb)

Henry Chu, a shipyard worker who recalls helping to save the USS Raleigh (1.5 mb)

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Daniel Rita, a Pearl Harbor shipyard worker who tells of seeing the faces of the Japanese pilots (424k)

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View from within the USS Arizona Memorial (by Cory Lum, The Honolulu Advertiser)

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