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The history: Web links

  • The National Park Service USS Arizona Memorial site (
    A concise history of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial, which serves as a memorial for and the sunken battleship and its crew.

  • USS Missouri Memorial Association (
    Information, archival photos, video on the USS Missouri, site of Japan's surrender in World War II, now moored in Pearl Harbor.

  • Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona (
    Good background information for teachers and students, including Pearl Harbor history, suggested readings and activities, photographs, charts and maps of the harbor.

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor (
    The History Channel's site on the Pearl Harbor attack, including archival photographs of the day of the attack, eyewitness accounts.

  • Remembering Pearl Harbor (
    The National Geographic's lively project on Dec. 7, 1941, including a multimedia map and timeline and survivors' stories.

  • An Era of Change: Oral Histories of Civilians in World War II Hawai'i (
    The University of Hawai'i Center for Oral HIstory's collected oral histories of Hawai'i residents and other civilians recalling the war years, including audio file of a witness to the attack.

  • Department of the Navy's Naval Historical Center history of Pearl Harbor (
    The Naval Historical Center's overview of the Dec. 7 raid features a photo collection of the Pearl Harbor raid.

  • We Witnessed the Attack on Pearl Harbor (
    Scholastic Inc.'s site for students includes an Illinois couple's eyewitness account of the Pearl Harbor attack. Includes a timeline and teacher guide.

  • Pearl Harbor remembered (
    The Arizona Republic's special report on the Pearl Harbor bombing, including photo slide shows, audio of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech and video.

  • Pearl Harbor speech (
    Text of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech to Congress.

  • A Day That Will Live in Infamy: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor ( ) Kapolei Elementary School's excellent Web site on the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Created for the school's entry in the ThinkQuest technology competitiion. Includes animation, interviews with survivors and interactive features.

Archival stories

Archival headlines

 • Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1941: Japan mechanized army massed in Indo-China
 • Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1941: 'Blast Japan off seas,' urge
 • Monday, Dec. 1, 1941: Sudden red onslaught hurls German army back 100 miles

 • Sunday, Nov. 30, 1941: Kurusu bluntly warned nation ready for battle
 • Saturday, Nov. 29, 1941: Russ capital fall nears as Nazis crack through
 • Friday, Nov. 28, 1941: 15,000 Italians taken prisoner; Gondar falls
 • Thursday, Nov. 27, 1941: Britain to conscript men, women under 50
 • Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1941: Axis capture U.S. officers!
 • Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1941: British landing party on French coast fails!
 • Monday, Nov. 24, 1941: British crush enemy tanks in big encirclement drive

 • Sunday, Nov. 23, 1941: German panzers, British tanks in crucial battle
 • Saturday, Nov. 22, 1941: Caucasus gateway open as Nazis take Rostov
 • Friday, Nov. 21, 1941: Gang of non-strikers shoot 10 mine pickets
 • Thursday, Nov. 20, 1941: Moscow admits army is fleeing from Kerch
 • Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1941: Vichy ousts Weygand at demand of Germans
 • Tuesday, Nov. 18, 1941: Japanese may abandon puppet Nanking regime
 • Monday, Nov. 17, 1941: Navy captures axis vessel disguised as American ship

 • Sunday, Nov. 16, 1941: Lewis orders walkout involving 300,000 miners
 • Saturday, Nov. 15, 1941: British vow vengeance for Ark Royal sinking
 • Friday, Nov. 14, 1941: Ark Royal sunk!
 • Thursday, Nov. 13, 1941: Japanese cabinet urged to bolster air defense
 • Wednesday, Nov. 12, 1941: Finns reject U.S. note on peace with Russia
 • Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1941: Mad tommy gun killer terrorizes Londoners
 • Monday, Nov. 10, 1941: Threat of U.S.-Japan war emphasized by spokesmen

 • Sunday, Nov. 9, 1941: Fire if attacked, Nazi subs told
 • Saturday, Nov. 8, 1941: British lose 35 planes in war's biggest raid
 • Friday, Nov. 7, 1941: U.S. sends two war aid missions to Middle East
 • Thursday, Nov. 6, 1941: Duce Shot!
 • Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1941: Japan rushing special envoy to Washington
 • Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1941: U.S. officers stationed at Gibraltar, Italy says

Archival video

Japanese surrender to Allied forces

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On Sept. 2, 1945, General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander, opened ceremonies for the formal surrender of the Japanese aboard the USS Missouri anchored in Tokyo Bay. The ceremonies lasted for a half-hour and included such indelible images as the Japanese delegation led by Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu wearing a top hat and General Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of the Army General Staff. Hundreds of crewmen aboard the Missouri watched the proceedings and the formal signing of the surrender documents.

Source: USS Missouri Memorial Association

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