Sunday, February 4, 2001
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Lusia Ma'afala shares a moment with her son, Nick, who is in an isolated room at St. Francis Medical Center, where he recently received a bone marrow transplant. He is one of 11 exemplary children raised by his mother under trying circumstances. See story.

Bruce Asato • The Honolulu Advertiser

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Legislature 2001

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Today in 'Ohana:
Parents are key to teaching teen drivers to be smart and responsible

UH salaries below average
Behind all the rhetoric and debate of whether University of Hawaii faculty members deserve more money is this fact: most faculty members lag their colleagues nationwide in salary.

Lusia Ma'afala proud of her 11 children
A football player, police officer and bone-marrow transplant donor for a sibling are among the strong and successful children of Lusia Maafala, who raised 11 in all with steadfast faith in God and an unwavering discipline for which she makes no apologies.

Mansho's actions under scrutiny
In itself, a City Council member parking illegally can be explained as a momentary lapse of judgment. But many see Rene Mansho’s actions as part of a larger and more serious pattern of problems that go far beyond parking.

Business Outlook 2001
The seeds are planted, but the future is uncertain. How will Hawai'i's economy fare in 2001?

Check out The Advertiser's special report: Growing an economy.

Now every Thursday, The Advertiser will feature a golf report, including looks at Hawai'i courses, holes in one and golf tips. Also featured are snapshots of upcoming professional tour events and tour money leaders.

You can now get our news and weather information on your wireless phone.

Carnival security tightens
Security personnel and uniformed and plainclothes police roamed the Punahou carnival last night, watching for signs of trouble after a fight Friday ended in a stabbing and an arrest.

Volcano scientists developing 'vog' air-quality monitor
Cayetano proposes raises for executives
Interests clash on proposed prison privatization debate continues
Blessing revives Kona heiau past

Offenses could burst out at Aloha
Are you ready for some offense? One week after the Super Bowl Only a Defensive Coordinator Could Love, the Pro Bowl returns for its 22nd engagement at Aloha Stadium today.

49ers quarterback continues quiet climb to top in Pro Bowl
Hawai'i holds off Nevada
Baldwin wins first state softball title
Bruins' bats rain on Rainbow pitching, 12-2

Lois-Ann Yamanaka tells of special meaning behind her new book
Lois-Ann Yamanaka, arguably the Islands' best-known contemporary writer, has released her sixth book, "Father of the Four Passages." It hit local best-seller lists its first week.

PBS documentary creates surge of interest in jazz market
Parents are key to teaching teen drivers to be smart and responsible

The road to technology
For years, New Economy proponents in Hawai
i have prophesied that the high-tech sector will become the state’s marquee industry, lifting the economy to new heights while shielding residents from the fickle trends of tourism.

Federal rate cuts intended to reignite economy
Consumer fears may keep stocks in downward trend

Site Posted: Sunday, February 4, 2001

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