Tuesday, January 2, 2001
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A fresh new year's start should include replacing outdated, adulterated makeup, which can cause infections and reactions.

Deborah Booker • The Honolulu Advertiser

Makeup kit makeover
Freshness is more than skin deep when it comes to your cosmetics. One makeup expert revels his techniques and tools of the trade.
Bacteria and rancid oils lurk in stale cosmetics
Tools of the makeup trade

Big spandex caper swipes the coolest threads in L.A.
The latest hot-to-heist item isn't a hood ornament or a laptop computer. It's spandex. Yeah, the stuff of which disco dreams are made.

Tube Notes

TV-quality activist group fades away
The founder and head of the grassroots group Viewers for Quality Television is pulling the plug. Her Fairfax, Va.-based nonprofit group is being dissolved.
Radio interviewer sees parade of famous faces
After a quarter century and more than 5,000 interviews as host of public radio's "Fresh Air," Terry Gross has interviewed everyone who was on her wish list when she started the show in September 1975.
Wayne Harada
• Show Biz
Annual Waynie Awards a toast to the town
The year 2000 wasn't a particular blockbuster season overall, but there were enough peaks and a few valleys to make it another year of change and adjustments.

• Island Sounds
Keiki choir sings its own rainbow
Wayne Harada reviews the following albums: Na Keiki O Kamehameha's self-titled album, Around Again by Nohelani Cypriano and Billy Gonsalves' and his Paradise Serenaders' self-titled album.

An audio clip of the song "We Make a Rainbow" by Na Keiki O Kamehameha, from their self-titled album, available as an mp3 or RealPlayer file

An audio clip of the song "Livin' Without You" by Nohelani Cypriano, from her album Around Again, available as an mp3 or RealPlayer file

An audio clip of the song "Nanakuli" by Billy Gonsalves and his Paradise Serenaders, from their album Paradise Serenaders, available as an mp3 or RealPlayer file

Joan Namkoong
• Market Basket
Japanese use mizuna in soup for New Year's
That feathery-leafed green abundant in supermarkets this week is mizuna, also known as pot herb mustard. It's a must for New Year's among Japanese families, which use it in ozoni, the traditional mochi (rice cake) soup.
Page Posted On: Tuesday, January 2, 2001
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