Saturday, February 10, 2001
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Videos on the Coast Guard rescue and recovery effort, NTSB news conference and other aspects of this story.

Flash presentation: What happened when the USS Greeneville surfaced? (Flash plug-in required)
Map and graphic of what may have happened in the collision.

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Saturday, Feb. 10, 2001
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Video of the Feb. 11, 2001 NTSB briefing in small (1.5 Mb), large (8.7 Mb) and streaming format.
Coast Guard video of the discovery on Feb. 10, 2001 of a life raft and the Feb. 11, 2001 finding of an oil slick from the sunken ship in small (956 kb), large (6.6 Mb) and streaming format.
Feb. 9, 2001 video of the Coast Guard rescue effort in large (6.8 Mb), small (1.1 Mb) or streaming format. Video courtesy KHON-TV.

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