Thursday, February 15, 2001
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A young humpback whale lurches aboard the Na Pali Eco Advertures catamaran Hokua, breaking a tourist's knee. See story.

Dan Morett • Special to The Honolulu Advertiser

Passengers' hands were on sub controls
A civilian passenger's hands were on the controls that sent the USS Greeneville into its "emergency ballast blow" that shot the submarine out of the water and into a Japanese fishing vessel, the National Transportation Safety Board said last night.

Collision to be focus of Navy's inquiry
Calling off search to yield endless grief
Civilian sub guests strictly supervised
Navy rejected active-sonar recommendation in '90
Sub crash happened outside training area
Tribute to the Missing
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Army helicopters attempting to land at time of crash
The Army yesterday said the two Black Hawk helicopters that crashed Monday, killing six soldiers, were preparing to land but could not confirm whether a mid-air collision took place.
Soldiers' families, comrades grieve
Judge warns legislators against short-changing special education
A federal judge yesterday warned legislators to cut the politics and find the money for special education, or risk putting the state in a "catastrophic position."
Young humpback jumps, falls on tourist
A young humpback whale left its mother's side, breached and landed on a stationary whale-watching boat — and on one of its passengers, who suffered a broken knee.
State offers UH faculty pay increase
The state's lead negotiator made a new contract proposal to the University of Hawaii faculty union yesterday, but a union spokesman said the offer is unacceptable and makes a strike more likely.
Wind wreaks havoc on Islands
A powerful high-pressure system generated heavy wind that knocked down trees and cut power in many Island communities yesterday.
Native bill gains clout in Congress
Hawai'i Democratic Reps. Neil Abercrombie and Patsy Mink reintroduced the Native Hawaiian recognition bill in the House yesterday along with a bipartisan group of powerful co-sponsors.
Giant jellyfish clearly unique
It may not have been a monstrous octopus or great white whale, but the giant jellyfish found in Kane'ohe Bay last week did cause quite a stir.
'Iolani athlete's injury 'senseless'
Aside from the new wire braces on her top row of teeth, 'Iolani School senior Amy Taniguchi looks the same as she did before being hit in the mouth by a golf ball as she participated in a high school softball game.
Waialua hopes for high-tech center
A bill making its way through the Legislature would create a task force to study the creation of a center for high technology in Waialua to educate students and residents.
Tree vandalism at schools possibly related
When vandals destroyed palm trees at Keolu Elementary over the weekend, it wasn't the first time someone had targeted plants on a school campus recently.
Bottle-deposit measure moving along in House
The bottle-deposit bill before the state Legislature moved out of its first committees and went to the House Judiciary Committee, where a hearing is scheduled for today.
Privatization bill layoff provisions worry union
UPW leader Gary Rodrigues said he will fight a proposal at the Legislature to allow layoffs of public employees when private companies are hired to do government work.
Senate panel OKs bills on consent, abortion
A senate committee yesterday approved bills that would raise the age of consent for sex and require physicians to notify parents before performing an abortion on a minor.
Police Beats
Man, 21, sought in abuse, thefts; Plant thievery suspect gives up.
O'ahu briefs
Drive-throughs to be discussed; Makakilo plan to be explained; Team raising money for trip; Teen injured in 3-car accident; Zippy's moving in Kane'ohe; Coral measure advances.
Maui gets top-of-the-line MRI scanner
Maui Memorial Medical Center has acquired the most advanced magnetic resonance imaging scanner in the state, at a cost of $1.4 million.
Street addresses may come to Kula
Maui County wants to assign street addresses to properties in rural Kula to make it easier for police, firefighters and paramedics to find homes in emergencies.
Harbor agent put on leave after theft arrest
A Lahaina Harbor agent arrested on suspicion of first-degree theft has been put on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.
Columnist bar image
Bob Image Bob Krauss
Sing a song of gratitude for a cure
Promptly at 11 a.m. yesterday a barbershop quartet showed up at Dr. Linda Chiu's office on Uluniu Street and sang "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." This was followed by a tender rendition of "Heart of My Heart."
Lee Image Lee Cataluna
Missing students brought joy during visit to local retailer
Marianne Schultz, who works at Crazy Shirts Ward Village, had met two of the missing students of the Ehime Maru tragedy.

Jan Image Jan TenBruggencate
New kind of landfill emerging
Several Mainland and foreign areas are experimenting with a new kind of landfill — one that actively composts trash in one-tenth or less the time of a standard landfill.
Mike Image Mike Leidemann
Retelling an interesting Island life
Helen Kapililani Sanborn Davis was 90 years old when she decided to write her first book. It took three years to finish, but the recently released "Reminiscences of a Life in the Islands" is worth the wait.

Page Posted On: Thursday, February 15, 2001
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