Sunday, January 7, 2001
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Simeon Chingwali sells these carved chairs in Malawi. Honolulu retailer Fred Verceles says the carving work makes Chingwali’s village, Machinga, sound like a forest full of woodpeckers.

Courtesy of Fred Verceles

Hawai'i importers face daunting challenges
For consumers, finding goods from other lands is as easy as stepping into one of the hundreds of import shops in the Islands. But for the merchants, keeping their stores stocked requires overcoming myriad challenges.
Journey is heart of the business
Entrepreneur learns you can't fight the cultures
To become an importer, do your homework first

New mutual fund and stock listings
Beginning Tuesday, The Advertiser's Business section will offer a new daily mutual fund listing and an expanded Nasdaq stock listing to help investors better understand and analyze the increasingly complex financial markets.

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Your Money
Pay heed to rules of speculative road

Your mother told you dot-coms were no good and would let you down hard, but you didn't believe her. Now you're singing the blues, with your beloved Yahoo, Priceline and iVillage down 90 percent or more in price.
Mexico offers goods, inspiration for Island restaurateur
Pancho & Lefty's Cantina & Restaurante may not look like a typical import store, but the owners travel to Mexico almost every year to buy uniforms and items for their business and to pick up knowledge that helps them run it.
Rate cut may have darker side
No one saw the Federal Reserve's half-point rate cut coming. And while investors initially were positively giddy, cheering as they drove up stock prices, some economists found themselves swallowing hard.
Seven steps to becoming a better fund manager
The arrival of 2001 means you can make a fresh start, financial planners say. Becoming a better fund investor isn't hard to do, and you're sure to reap financial rewards.
Page Posted On: Sunday, January 7, 2001
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