Sunday, January 7, 2001
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While the business of weddings has brought thousands of Japanese couples together in bliss, it has caused a bitter lawsuit and fight among Kawaiaha'o congregants.

Bruce Asato • The Honolulu Advertiser

Miss America 2001
Hali'a Hawai'i
E-The People

Special-education costs ripple through schools
While no one denies that Hawai'i's special-needs children deserve every ounce of attention they are getting under the Felix consent decree, parents, teachers and lawmakers are starting to ask a new question: What about the other children?

Weddings dispute splinters Kawaiaha'o Church
Inviting Japanese couples to say "I do" brought joy and revenue to Kawaiaha'o Church. It also led to a fight and wounds that may not heal.

Legislators focus on teachers
How to recruit and retain good teachers and school principals is one of the top education priorities that lawmakers and schools superintendent Paul LeMahieu plan to tackle this session.

Honolulu Advertiser SPECIAL REPORT
. Today, in a special report, "The State of the Hawaiian," The Advertiser examines the impact of political decisions on the status of Hawaiians and the soul of the 'ohana.

The Parent Project
Passing along real tales of war to the younger generation

Find what you need with our searchable TGIF listings of events, movies and restaurants. Check out our year 2001 planner, a month-by-month glimpse at the year's upcoming events.

Tiny church's members wary of change
Supporters of tiny Christ Church in Kealakekua, Hawai'i, are getting ready to fight for their church, just like they did 10 years ago when they stopped a proposal to demolish the building.

No leads in Palolo fireworks fatality
Bus riders against raising pass price
Stats suggest safety belts do save lives
Kaua'i calls off rat-snake search

Kamehameha puts the squeeze on 'Iolani
Kamehameha and
Iolani are dead even in the race for the Interscholastic League of Honolulu softball championship. Both teams are 9-1 with four games remaining.

SMU hits UH where it hurt the most
New Year's Grand Sumo Tournament highlights
Warriors sweep away the past
Second-half collapses leave Wahine at a loss

Forever stoked: Beachboy Rabbit Kekai
Revered beach boy Rabbit Kekai bridges the generation gap between today's surfers and the old-timers who sported colorful nicknames and lived even more colorful lives.

Origami made with Island themes
The Parent Project

Pigeon peas resemble soybeans
Pigeon peas are a versatile, edible legume that also looks good in the garden and enriches the soil.

Hawai'i importers face daunting challenges
Your Money: Pay heed to rules of speculative road

Site Posted: Sunday, January 7, 2001

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