Sunday, January 7, 2001
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Rabbit Kekai began surfing when he was only 5 years old. Seventy-five years later, he sponsors of one of the world's most prestigious longboarding contests.

Jeff Widener • The Honolulu Advertiser

Forever stoked: Beachboy Rabbit Kekai
Revered beach boy Rabbit Kekai bridges the generation gap between today's surfers and the old-timers who sported colorful nicknames and lived even more colorful lives.

Origami made with Island themes
In Jodi Fukumoto’s delightful new how-to book, "The Guide to Hawaiian Style Origami," there is no read. There is only do.

Lit Beat
Art Calendar

The Parent Project
Passing along real tales of war to the younger generation

Hawai'i Gardens
Pigeon peas resemble soybeans
Pigeon peas are a versatile, edible legume that also looks good in the garden and enriches the soil.
Animal Companions
Resolve to make this year better for pets

As the guardians of animals, we should include our animal companions in New Year's resolutions and thus make life better for every living thing in our households.
Novel on Paris art forgeries skims over moral dilemmas
Paul Watkins' novel "The Forger" paints a tale of survival and deception against the backdrop of Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion.
Art Review
Two perspectives on the human condition

An exhibition at the Contemporary Museum, "This Head Is Mine," chronicles Robert Arneson's long fascination with the self-portrait.
Art Review
New gallery will house Hawai'i-related artwork

The Honolulu Academy of Arts has a quasi-permanent exhibition of artwork related to Hawai'i. They present a fascinating pictorial history of Hawai'i.
Hawai'i Ways
TV show was a hoot for kids

Most young adults who grew up in Hawai'i remember the children's TV program "Checkers & Pogo," and many of them even had a chance to be on the show.

Illustration by Jon Orque

The Parent Project
A community-based program, The Parent Project, helps parents with their out-of-control children, providing practical techniques that many participants have found useful and effective.

Passing along real tales of war to the younger generation
A gathering on Jan. 20 called "Bridging Generations" will give 10- to 20-year-olds an opportunity to hear stories from Pearl Harbor survivors and Korean and Vietnam war vets.

Weight-loss Diary
Just bite the bullet, keep trying

In the final column in a series chronicling Advertiser staff writer Vicki Viotti's effort to lose 20 pounds, Viotti sums up her successes and failures.

Kids can create hats inspired by Asian textiles exhibit
You can dress up your child’s education at the Keiki-Parent Activity Tour at the Honolulu Academy of Arts on Saturday when children will be creating hats and caps inspired by Asian designs.
Bridal couples ask for charity donations instead of gifts
In lieu of gifts, more couples are asking guests at their weddings to donate to charity.
Talk to doctor before exercising during pregnancy

Despite morning sickness, swollen feet and sore backs, many pregnant women want to continue to exercise. This is fine, provided your physician gives permission.
Family Matter
Many of us have been misdiagnosed as overweight

Ignoring the genetic factor when evaluating a person's weight means many adults and children are misdiagnosed as being overweight.
Dr. Gadget's Science Machine
Adding wire makes gadget more magnetic

Our Dr. Gadget outlines an experiment in which additional wire is added to an electromagnet so that it can pick up more paperclips.
Honorable Mention
Hawai'i Kai woman finds poetry gives strength to caregivers

Retired schoolteacher Frances H. Kakugawa is teaching others to use poetry-writing and journals to help deal with the burdens of being caregivers. Some of the poems will be published later this year.
Health Q&A
What you could do to protect your hearing

Using earplugs when attending rock concerts can help prevent irreversible damage to your ears.
Wayne Harada
Show Biz
'Lion King' player back home to get married
Christine Yasunaga, who has been in Broadway's "The Lion King" ensemble since its inception three seasons ago, is home to get married to drummer Darryl Pellegrina.

Island Sounds
Reviews of CDs by Samson, Kallen, Ke 'Ope Ono
Keyboarder Kit Samson shines with old and new standards; pianist Timothy Kallen shows a cozy, smoky jazz persona; sextet Ke 'Ope Ono shows promise in debut CD.

Listen to an audio clip of Kit Samsom's "Theme from House of Caradus" from the album Somewhere in Time. Available as an mp3 or RealAudio file.

Listen to an audio clip of Ke 'Ope Ono's "Lunchwagon Man" from the album Lunchwagon Man. Available as an mp3 or RealAudio file.

Listen to an audio clip of Timothy Kallen's sample CD Hand Made Piano. Available as an mp3 or RealAudio file.

Joan Namkoong
Market Basket
Holidays bring new products for gift-giving
Gift-giving is year-round in Hawai'i, so if you're still looking for Island treats to send to Mainland friends and family, here are a couple of ideas.
Page Posted On: Sunday, January 7, 2001
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