Monday, January 29, 2001
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Executives hope the new Galleria will inspire other retailers to update their stores. See story.

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Miss America 2001
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Legislature 2001

You can now get our news and weather information on your wireless phone.

UH faculty strike likely
UH faculty members can legally strike as of today — the end of a 60-day cooling-off period between the faculty union and the state. The UH Professional Assembly this morning will announce its plans for addressing the impasse with the state.

New retail era anticipated for Waikiki
Yellow-helmeted construction workers poured sidewalks and removed plastic from windows last week in busy preparation for tomorrow's opening of the $65 million DFS Galleria in Waikiki.

Manta rays off Kona live life of mystery
Manta rays swimming close to shore means profitable business for Big Island tourism. Today, scuba dive operators believe they've found a new gathering site of the manta rays about 15 miles north up the Kona Coast.

Business Outlook 2001
The seeds are planted, but the future is uncertain. How will Hawai'i's economy fare in 2001?

Check out The Advertiser's special report: Growing an economy.

Best of the Weekend

O'ahu oil spill heads for Kaua'i
Tesoro Hawaii employees worked throughout the day yesterday with state and federal officials to contain an early-morning oil spill off Barbers Point.

Hawai'i delegation against Bush plans
Manoa Falls tour operators cry foul
Participants all ears at bunny care class
Canoe halau planned for Hale'iwa

Ravens win Super Bowl with stifling defense
The Baltimore Ravens brought brutal efficiency to the Super Bowl yesterday, putting their own distinctive stamp on America's great football celebration. They beat the New York Giants, 34-7.

Rainbows' road trip reaches a dead end
Strong second half propels Wahine
Irwin takes Skins with a little help
Isle File: Teen captures Challenger tennis

Symphony's new executive orchestrating harmony
Stephen D. Bloom, the Honolulu Symphony's new executive director, says, "My job, simply, is to change the culture of the organization."

McConaughey's not a romantic comedy guy
TV strike described as inevitable

Nurses, tech professionals will be in demand
Over the next year, experienced hospital nurses, information-technology professionals and special education teachers will be in the most demand, employment experts said.

E-mail brings politics to workplace
Oil rig workers get called back

Site Posted: Monday, January 29, 2001

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