Wednesday, February 7, 2001
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"Well-dressed" teddy bear cookies give sweet testimony to baker Gail Ouchi's talent.

Deborah Booker • The Honolulu Advertiser

Cookies: Practice makes perfect
You can make picture-perfect cookies at home. Gail Ouchi does it all the time. "It just takes practice," said the 'Aina Haina cookie baker. "It’s really a lot of fun."
This sugar cookie dough ready for rolling out without refrigeration
Culinary Calendar

Titanic discoverer lectures at UH
When Robert Ballard found RMS Titanic, in 1985, in the deep, dark waters of the north Atlantic Ocean, the discovery opened a new chapter in the history of deep-sea exploration.
Ballard project tags Kaua'i albatrosses

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Curves gives women a shapely workout
The fast-growing, women-only Curves for Women fitness chain is attracting women who have no time and no stomach for working out in front of the opposite gender.
Dance troupe honored by invitation to Italy event
Dance Mix 2000, a Kailua-based dance group that blends a variety of ethnicities, music and dance styles, has been invited to an international competition in Italy.
Stage Review
Play gives insight into Indonesian culture
'Umbuik Mudo and the Magic Flute' is an unusual opportunity for Western audiences to view an exotic art form and spend part of an evening immersed in another culture.
Three rock favorites to crash 'Uncle Tom's Dance Party'
"Uncle Tom's Dance Party," another musical stroll down memory lane with promoter and former radio man Tom Moffatt as host, will assemble three rock favorites Feb. 24 at the Sheraton Waikiki.
Study: More sex being shown on TV
Sexual content on television has risen sharply since 1997, showing up in two of every three programs last season, according to a study released yesterday.
The ABCs of enjoying wine
ABC, in wine parlance, means several things these days. There is a famous winery in Santa Barbara, Calif., for one, that is often called ABC, although its real name is Au Bon Climat. ABC makes great stuff; guaranteed.
Wine Calendar
Market Basket
Healthy foods to be designed for women
One of the top food trends this year will be foods designed for women. Look for soy, calcium, folic acid and iron linked with B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed and oats in products such as Quaker Oats Nutrition for Women instant oatmeal.
Treat your loved ones to a Valentine's party
Valentine's Day is coming. But our love isn't limited to just one person in our life. There are lots of people we care about. So why not invite some of them over?
The Vegetarian
Veggies rule eggplant dish
A medley of vegetables, brown rice and wheat germ are seasoned and stuffed into eggplant for a hearty dish. Use globe eggplant, the round ones, but look for those on the smaller side for this recipe.
Light Touch
Jambalaya recipe with mushrooms
Jambalaya, a Creole New Orleans dish with its roots in France, can be made with less than a pound of chicken, or with none, in this low-fat version. Sliced mushrooms add a meaty texture to the recipe
Editor's Choice
Tropical Tiramisu dessert from Outrigger Waikiki hotel
We all know tiramisu as the Italian “pick me up” treat, laced with chocolate and espresso, plus perhaps a little madeira or amaretto. Karen Molina's tiramisu features passion fruit, rum and coconut within the layers of ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese.
Wayne Harada
• Show Biz
Makaha Sons performances halt for John Koko's surgery
John Koko of the Makaha Sons will undergo surgery at Kaiser Hospital tomorrow to replace an aortic valve ... Two Hawai'i contestants on "Your Big Break" have made it to the semifinals.

• Island Sounds
Keola Beamer celebrates Island pride in new album
Carrying on a family tradition, Keola Beamer sings of 'ohana and 'aina in his newest album, declaring his unending respect for and admiration of his Island roots.

Audio sample of "Island Born" by Keola Beamer. in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.
Audio sample of "Ami Ami Slack Key" by Led Kaapana and Bob Brozman. in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.

Joan Namkoong
• Quick Bites
New executive chef at Parc Cafe
Don Maruyama Jr. has been named executive chef of the Parc Cafe at the Waikiki Parc Hotel. Maruyama, a 14-year veteran of the food service industry, was most recently the executive chef at Fort Street Bar and Grill in downtown Honolulu.
Page Posted On: Wednesday, February 7, 2001
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