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The Honolulu Advertiser
Articles for May 27, 2001

Local News
 •  Mental unit in chaos, some say
 •  Judging Ezra: Ambition and ability
 •  Schools still lack play equipment
 •  Scientists seek to rear the yellow tang
 •  Graduates grew up with Hawaiian
 •  France honors WWII veterans' valor
 •  Veto would leave Barbers Point staff unemployed
 •  State willing to rethink Ka Iwi plan
 •  Two local Rotarians receive top award
 •  O'ahu briefs
 •  Neighbor Islands
Future nurses head to Moloka'i
 •  Bob Krauss
Memory better than the movie
 •  Lee Cataluna
Nothing cheap about the thrill of a hard-earned diploma
 •  Community Calendar
 •  Obituaries

 •  High Schools
OIA, Neighbor Isles make gains
 •  'Aiea's dream season was a year in the making
 •  Jamboree puts spotlight on gender equity
 •  Ferd Lewis
UH baseball needs someone to plug financial drain
 •  Basketball
Hawai'i's Ostler invited to NBA camp
 •  Sumo
Takanohana tops Musashimaru
 •  Paddling
Sponsor provides rarely seen bucks for canoe-race winners
 •  Isle File
UH football tickets go on sale Tuesday
 •  College baseball
Arizona St. ousted from regionals

Island Life
 •  Transcending death
 •  Disney film 'Atlantis' is wordsmith's latest trek
 •  Books
Trendy literary genre: Women finding new lives in faraway lands
 •  Lit Beat
 •  Art
Academy collection: Hawai'i works, Kaneko pieces
 •  Art calendar
 •  Homestyle
The enduring art of making seed lei
 •  Home and garden calendar
 •  This week in 'Ohana
Developing tolerance
 •  Hawai'i Ways, Hawai'i Days
We tuned in, saw movies and bowled
 •  Tube Notes

 •  Hawai'i banks get ready for all-out turf war
 •  Profiles of Hawai'i's leading banks
 •  Changes ahead for Manoa tech center
 •  Pension returns weaken as market slides
 •  American Trans Air opts for more scheduled flights
 •  Advice on recovering from portfolio shock
 •  'Pizza King' fights for slice of Thai fast-food market
 •  Best time for refinancing may be now
 •  Ford notifying owners with suspect tires
 •  Energy costs may slow market recovery

 •  Editorial
Gambling too complex to be reduced to yes-no
 •  Editorial
Vision process shows desire for human scale
 •  Tom Plate
Japan's first television prime minister
 •  Focus
Neo-liberalism poses threat to well-being of Hawai'i, other states
 •  Newspapers in fight for survival
 •  Bob Dye
No. 1 man at UH connects politically
 •  After Deadline
Misspelling slipped through the cracks
 •  Jerry Burris
See process at work in politics
 •  Letters to the Editor

 •  How to raise a child: Developing tolerance
 •  Some ways to introduce children to other cultures
 •  Recommended reading
 •  Honorable Mention
Retiree keeps the wheels turning at 76
 •  Healthy babies on parade
 •  Plant classes for kids
 •  Family Matters
Kalihi lore part of compromise for summer fun
 •  Fun House
Little girl unhappy with management position
 •  Wedding Diary
To-do list shrinks, but bills grow
 •  Prescriptions
Work around a child's eating quirks
 •  Dr. Gadget's Science Machine
Here's how musical instruments make sound
 •  Outdoor guides, maps can help you plan your summer activities
 •  Get help on writing for children
 •  Deb Aoki's Bento Box
 •  Achievers
 •  Births
 •  Celebrations
 •  Engagements
 •  Family Calendar
 •  Weddings
 •  Reunions