Wednesday, January 10, 2001
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An 1878 Loring reflecting ophthalmoscope, for examining the eyes, is held up by Mamiya Medical Heritage Center reference librarian Leilani Marshall. (If a doctor were holding it for use, it would be turned the other way.)

Richard Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser

What's in the bag, doc?
Some of the chilling instruments carried by doctors of the past are on display at "What's in The Bag? An Inside Look at Physician's Bags Over the Past Two Centuries," a free exhibit now showing at the Hawaii Medical Library building.

Clintons won't be keeping White House cat Socks
Buddy and Socks, the White House pets, are splitting up. Socks, the black-and-white cat who never much liked Buddy the chocolate labrador, is expected to be adopted by Clinton's secretary.

Definitive guide to modern cooking equipment released

New book looks at graduates of the year 2000
In "Millennials Rising — The Next Great Generation," researchers and authors Neil Howe and William Strauss describe today's teenagers as "less violent, less sexually charged, and less vulgar" than their predecessors.
Tube Notes
Definitive guide to modern cooking equipment released
"The New Cooks' Catalogue," edited by Burt Wolf, Emily Aronson and Florence Fabricant (Knopf $35) is an updated version of "The Cooks' Catalogue" originally published in 1975 is the definitive guide to modern cooking equipment.
Transformed by chocolate
Chocolate, perhaps the most alluring aroma in the world, permeated the made-for-the-movie chocolaterie at Shepperton Studios in London for weeks.
Chocolate manufacturers rake in billions of dollars
Everyone knows America loves chocolate. No wonder the industry pulled in about $12.9 billion in 1999 retail sales, according to Chocolate Manufacturers Association figures.
Man's early production of alcohol tied to religious world

The importance of spirit to man can be seen in the development of many modern terms. The sacred phrase "water of life" has been uttered in every language and has become the root of many present-day terms.
Selecting the correct kitchen knife means first deciding on its purpose
In an age when high-tech clubs allow mere mortals to drive golf balls like Tiger Woods, selecting the right knife can give you a big culinary edge.
The Vegetarian
Cabbage, barley paired

These sweet-and-sour bundles are presented in the Eastern European style, except that barley replaces the usual filling of meat, notes food writer Darra Goldstein about her recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Leaves.
Island Pantry
New recipe collection gives favorite Island dishes a healthier touch

Lane Crowther, a Los Angeles recipe developer who tested recipes for Bon Appetit magazine and other publications, has included Island classics in this collection and made them tasty while lightening up on the fat and calories.
Light Touch
Pork tenderloin stuffed with fruit rich in flavor but contains little fat

After the holiday feasting, the ideal is to find light, healthy dishes that still promise comfort and nourishment. Pork Tenderloin Stuffed With Apple and Dried Fruit is a dish to consider. It is rich in flavor but low in fat content.
Quick Bites
Lively TV host publishes new book

It's hard not to like Nick Stellino, the Italian chef whose enthusiastic and demonstrative style rubs off on you, even when you only get to “meet” him via television.
Sausage, sea bass, chocolate cake land on Bon Appetit's list of trends
The editors of Bon Appetit are offering "a delectable review" of the year 2000 in their survey of the most appealing food trends for the past 12 months.
Wayne Harada
• Show Biz
Elton John has been spotted around town
Sir Elton John already is in our midst, popping in for dinner last Saturday night at Keo's in Waikiki, posing for a new Wall of Fame photo with Keo Sananikone and autographing a wall photo with rocker Neil Young taken during an earlier visit, along with several CDs . . .

• Island Sounds
Reviews of CDs by Samson, Kallen, Ke 'Ope Ono
Keyboarder Kit Samson shines with old and new standards; pianist Timothy Kallen shows a cozy, smoky jazz persona; sextet Ke 'Ope Ono shows promise in debut CD.

Listen to an audio clip of Kit Samsom's "Theme from House of Caradus" from the album Somewhere in Time. Available as an mp3 or RealAudio file.

Listen to an audio clip of Ke 'Ope Ono's "Lunchwagon Man" from the album Lunchwagon Man. Available as an mp3 or RealAudio file.

Listen to an audio clip of Timothy Kallen's sample CD Hand Made Piano. Available as an mp3 or RealAudio file.

Joan Namkoong
• Market Basket
Local papayas a good source of vitamins

Hawaii-grown papayas are available all year, a rich source of vitamins A and C and one of the sweetest fruits around.
Page Posted On: Wednesday, January 10, 2001
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