Wednesday, January 10, 2001
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Chief Petty Officer Arnulfo Agpaoa, of 'Aiea, emerges from a hatch in the sail of the submarine USS Kamehameha. The only submarine named after a Hawaiian king is being decommissioned. See story.

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Posted at 3:59 p.m., January 10, 2001
IRS to get $29 million in Kamehameha Schools settlement
Kamehameha Schools announced today it has agreed to pay $29 million to the Internal Revenue Service to settle claims the tax agency had against the charitable trust’s for-profit businesses through June 1998.

Posted at 9:40 a.m., January 10, 2001
Suspects arrested in storeowner murder case
Honolulu police last night arrested four Kaneohe men and were looking for a fifth man in connection with the murder of a 45-year-old Kaneohe liquor store owner who was found in a Waimanalo trash bin on Christmas Day.

State's tobacco payout reduced

The state is getting less money than expected from the settlement with tobacco manufacturers, putting a squeeze on the health promotion programs Hawai'i plans to finance with the money.

Governor's tax cut plan raises some eyebrows
Gov. Ben Cayetano's proposal to again cut state income taxes, to a top state income tax rate of 7.25 percent, is drawing a skeptical response from some quarters.

USS Kamehameha being scrapped
After 35 years of service, the only submarine named after a Hawaiian king will steam for the scrap yard this year.

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Honolulu Advertiser SPECIAL REPORT
. In a special report, "The State of the Hawaiian," The Advertiser examines the impact of political decisions on the status of Hawaiians and the soul of the 'ohana.

Today in Click!

Screen gems: Sanity-saving work station diversions

Today in Taste

Definitive guide to modern cooking equipment released

Moloka'i health group pushing for fluoridation
Moloka'i's health-care community is trying to fluoridate public water systems to fight rampant tooth decay.

Ka Iwi Coast preservation plan moves ahead
Police seek indictment in fatal Waimanalo crash
State public school system not making grade
Kane Fernandez, head of carnival and amusement firm, dead at 64

Isle's PGA Tour events locked in for six years
The Hawai'i Tourism Authority has struck a deal with the PGA Tour that guarantees Hawai'i will continue to play host to six men's professional golf tournaments over the next six years.

Freshman helps keep 'Iolani unbeaten
Opposite sides of volleyball net
Boxing hall to induct 'Sad Sam'
UH in no rush to fill baseball position

What's in the bag, doc?
The chilling instruments carried by doctors of the past are on display at "What's in The Bag? An Inside Look at Physician's Bags Over the Past Two Centuries," a free exhibit now showing.

Clintons won't be keeping White House cat Socks
Definitive guide to modern cooking equipment released

Aloha Airlines cuts flights, lays off 15 workers
Aloha Airlines cut flights and employees this week to cope with a sagging interisland market, laying off roughly a dozen people and furloughing others.

Liberty House not sure about keeping downtown store open
Click! Screen gems: Sanity-saving work station diversions

Site Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2001

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