Monday, January 8, 2001
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A large flock of parrots lives on the cliffs off Huelo, in Maui. The flocks of the invasive species fly into the rain forest to feed during the day and roost on the cliffs at night.

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Updated at 12:40 p.m., January 8, 2001
Police capture fugitive after Nuuanu standoff
A 24-year-old fugitive wanted for parole revocation was arrested at about 12:15 p.m. today following a nearly 2 1/2-hour standoff with police at an apartment building in Nuuanu.

Parrot invasion worries Maui
Wildlife experts are worried that a parrot flock in Huelo, estimated at 150 to 200 birds, will continue its rapid growth and spread into other areas, playing havoc with Maui's environment and agriculture.

Teen genius 'not that different'
By any measure other than his own, Kiwi Camara has hurried through life. He read by age 3, scattered words such as "hallucinating" in conversation by age 5 and always finished books for the next school year before the end of summer.

Court criticized for parole ruling
The second decision written by former civil rights lawyer Dan Foley since he joined the state court of appeals has sparked a vigorous debate about crime and punishment in Hawai'i.

Honolulu Advertiser SPECIAL REPORT
. In a special report, "The State of the Hawaiian," The Advertiser examines the impact of political decisions on the status of Hawaiians and the soul of the 'ohana.

Best of the Weekend
Farrington death toll unabated
From 1990 through last year, 70 people have lost their lives in traffic accidents on Farrington Highway between Honokai Hale and Ka'ena Point, statistically one of the most dangerous stretches of asphalt in the state.

Local fiesta celebrates three kings
Ship logs help track rainfall, drought
Long-thorned kiawe on agriculture hit list
Waialua community kitchen workshop planned

Wahine rebound to defeat SMU
The UH Wahine had an emphatic answer for every problem posed by Southern Methodist in whipping the defending Western Athletic Conference basketball champion, 74-56, last night before 694 at Stan Sheriff Center.

New Year's Grand Sumo Tournament: Yokozuna Musashimaru, Takanohana win second bouts
Isle File: Honoka'a basketball comes up big
Sportswire: Volleyball upstages movie star

Three filming projects get tour of Maui locales
Representatives for three prospective film and television projects scouted multiple Maui locales over a two-week period in December in search of potential film sites.

Many celebrity books set for 2001 release
Chef to the stars spins off his own TV show

Big-screen ads now showing
The infiltration of TV-commercial-style ads — for everything from American Express to Volkswagen — is rapidly spreading on movie theater screens around the nation.

Japan firm hopes Net phone craze transfers to U.S.
60 Seconds: Service problems will need fixing

Site Posted: Monday, January 8, 2001

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